JustOneDB launched on Engine Yard

JustOne Database Inc is pleased to announce that JustOneDB is now available on Engine Yard as an Add-on service.

JustOneDB is an excellent relational database for enterprise level customers in the Cloud because of its ability to handle large data volumes and effortlessly adapt to changing requirements without requiring any specialist database skills – so the Engine Yard service is a natural fit for JustOneDB.

If you are an Engine Yard customer, follow these steps to access the JustOneDB Add-on:

1. Go to https://cloud.engineyard.com/addons (login required) or navigate to “Add-ons” in Engine Yard Cloud
2. Click on the “Details” button for JustOneDB
3. Sign up and follow the instructions for “Activate”, “Update Code” and “Deploy”

Further details for using the Engine Yard Add-on service are available here

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